The aim of the Geological Conservation Review Series is to provide a public record of the features of interest and importance at localities already notified or being considered for notification as 'Sites of Special Scientific Interest' (SSSIs). The sites selected – GCR sites – form the basis of statutory geological and geomorphological site conservation in Britain. More information regarding the selection of sites, and the publication and content of the GCR volumes, both published and in preparation is available on the GCR Series web pages. Publication will be completed in 2007.

The GCR XML Data Resource

The GCR publication series is a published body of work that documents more than 3,000 sites of earth science interest in Great Britain. Once completed, the 45 printed volumes of the GCR will be the world’s first comprehensive repository of information on a nation’s important geological and geomorphological sites. The GCR represents a significant investment of time and money, and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) recognises that completion of the publication cycle signals the start, rather than the end, of the effort to maintain and update the resource it has built. The GCR is primarily a dynamic site series: the books provide a static ‘snapshot’ description of these sites.

The information in the GCR series has been collected for the specific purpose of being published in book form. It is not, therefore, structured in a way that facilitates easy maintenance or reuse. For this reason the JNCC has embarked on a project to convert it into an electronic XML-based data resource that offers the potential for efficient management of the data, and sufficient flexibility to meet existing and potential customer information needs.

The output from this project is the GCR XML Data Resource and it is what drives the Site report section of this demonstration web site.

The GCR Image Bank

In order to bring the huge amount of line art and photographic material contained in the published GCR volumes to a wide audience, the JNCC has begun a project to capture all this material in an Image Bank. The first phase of this project has captured the artwork in volumes 2 through 14.




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